the lanes

Welcome to The Lanes

The Lanes Lobby

Let me introduce myself, I'm Esther, the Community Manager here for The Lanes. If you're reading this, thanks for your time. 

After years of planning and construction, we're open! It's a great feeling once you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel. All the hard work has evolved into a home for our residents. But what exactly is a community manager, and what does that mean for everyone who lives here? Well, it's an easy enough answer; I'm here to make sure everyone is at home at the building. But more than that, it's to create community. When you first reach out to the building, I'm most likely the one will get back to you, when you come in for a tour, I'll most likely be the one who greets you, and takes you around the building. Whether your new to the city, or a veteran, I'll do my best to show more about the city than you already knew. 

It's not the easiest task keeping up to date everything going on around us. There's always some activity, a film playing, or exhibit happening around us. We don't always know our neighbors, maybe we're too busy, or we're new to the city and don't know anyone yet. I'm here to bring all that together. In the building, we'll have movie nights, potlucks, fitness classes; fun ways to hang out with friends and neighbors. Then we'll go out and explore the neighborhood; I'll find volunteer opportunities, I'll scout out restaurants, go to a baseball game, or visit the street festival going on down the street. More than that, we'll spend a Saturday hiking, or take a ski trip in the mountains, maybe go for a white water rafting trip. There will always be something to do. 

Here at The Lanes, your home.