Forward Thinking

In pursuit of a Silver Leed Certification, The Lanes is a pinnacle of sustainabilty. From green roofs to solar panels, and rain screens to high efficiency heating and cooling, The Lanes was designed to be as eco and energy friendly as possible. A smarter designed building is not only better for our environment, but also for those who call the building home. 

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

The Lanes utilizes the power of the sun in harnessing energy for the building. Solar panels provide many benefits, including being a part of the solution, and reducing our carbon footprint. Our solar panels have the potential to generate up to 37,842 kWh/year.

Heating & Cooling

LG Mini Split Heating & Cooling

LG's Multi V S heat recovery units installed on the roof were designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and the versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling, even in the most extreme weather. High efficiency equates to lower energy bills for the tenants.  

Green Roof
Courtyard Walls


With energy efficiency in mind, a rainscreen helps reduce hot and cold air and thermal movement through the walls. It also aids in water drainage and keeps moisture away from the building, allowing for quicker drying. 






Green Roof

Cities tend to be urban heat jungles, increasing the temperature in the surrounding areas. Green Roofs were a solution to decreasing the extreme effects amplified by concrete, steel, and tar. The vegetation absorbs rain water, insulates, and helps keep things cooler, helping counter the heat island effect.